Participation in the first nature and people of Iran photography contest is open to all participants from all over the world. All professional and amateur photographers of all ages can participate in this contest.


The first nature and people of Iran photography contest consists of 2 categories:

  • Nature
    • Birds
    • Mammals
    • Other animals
    • Plants
    • Landscapes
    • Underwater
    • Man and Nature
  • People
    • Iranian ethnics
    • Urban life
    • Rural life
    • Culture and lifestyle

Competition Rules

  • All images in nature category should be taken from unrestricted nature. Pictures of pets, captive animals and crops are not allowed.
  • All images must show respect for the subject of the image and the environment. Images were made while damaging animals or  environment are prohibited.
  • Each participant in each categoy may send in 5 images maximum;
  • Mobile or digital photography is acceptable as well as high quality scans of analog imags;
  • Images that have received awards in other contests or have been published in magazines, sites or any other relevant media are not acceptable;
  • The only acceptable format are * .JPEG and * .DNG;
  • Size each image to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high.
  • Images can be any size and aspect ratio as long as they adhere to these maximum width and height requirements
  • acceptable resolution of 300 dpi;
  •  Images can be colored or black and white.

Registration, participation fees and entry deadline

  • Participants are allowed to submit their photos by January 20, 2020.
  • Participation in the contest is free of charge
  • Send your photos to

Permitted editing techniques

General adjustments, such as contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance, shadows/highlights, digital graduated grey filter and local adjustments (such as dodge and burn) and removal of vignetting, only if done with moderation and retaining the original character of the image. It’s up to the jury to decide on this.

The following techniques are not allowed:

  • Addition of elements in the image.
  • Removal of elements in the image other than sensor spots or disturbing elements bigger than 3 % of the image.
  • Frames, watermarks or names in the photos.
  • Overall, manipulated images that are clearly exaggerated will be disqualified.

Copyright and Usage Rights

By entering this contest, the  participant confirms that the entered images are his / her original work.  f the rights of a third party have been violated, the photographer will be personally responsible and the Competition organizers have no responsibility.

The Iranian Studies Program reserves the right to use the entered images on its own website and social media but When presenting an image in any context, it will always mention the photographer’s name.